Canada is a place where beauty and adventure is a guarantee no matter which tour you choose. Join us on a Canada tour where you'll not only find awesome scenery, but a range of exciting outdoor activities. Experience everything from, whitewater rafting, mountain biking and sea kayaking, plus incredible hiking opportunities in the Canadian Rockies.

For those travelers that want to experience up close viewing of Polar Bears, Beluga Whales, or Northern Lights, a trip to Churchill Manitoba is the way to go!  The best time of year to see the Polar Bears is the middle of September through the middle of November.  The Tundra Buggy Experience will bring you up close to these majestic creatures.  Beluga Whales are plentiful and playful during the summer and and offer a unique opportunity for photography.  Bring your cameras!  For a view of one of nature’s most amazing phenomena, be sure set aside time to view the Northern Lights as they dance across the sky during the winter.

Wilderness Adventure Tours in Canada

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Churchill Polar Bear Adventure (6-Days)

Our Polar Adventure Tour is designed for those who wish to visit Churchill to not only see the magnificent Lord of the Arctic, Manitoba's polar bears, but also to experience the history and culture of the region. Led by very knowledgeable guides, Enthusiast program itineraries include activities other than bear watching, such as a town and area tour, entrance to the Eskimo Museum and Parks Canada facility and a private slide presentation. Either dog sledding or a cultural-arts program is included.

The Lodge-based programs include one-night hotel accommodation in Churchill, which allows time to take part in additional activities. Another exciting component for some of the Polar Adventure Tours is the choice of transportation: although the majority of programs include round trip air from Winnipeg, guests can choose to travel one-way by VIA Rail. Enthusiast programs include the largest selection of available activities and are the best way to experience the wildlife as well as the 'wild' life in Churchill!

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