"If you haven’t yet tried ziplining in Alaska, you’re in for a special treat and memorable lifetime experience"


The Perfect Talkeetna Day Trip: an Alaska Zipline Tour

Located just 120miles north of Anchorage (about 2-hours), this tour offers a thrilling and educational way to experience breathtaking natural scenery and awesome wilderness.  From our “South side” perspective the panoramic views ofthe Alaska Range, and Denali National Park are amazing and the opportunity to see it from a tree-top platform with the boreal forest at your feet and Mt. McKinley at your brow is unbeatable. We are close enough to Anchorage for day trips, or better yet, spend a night or two in Talkeetna, and experience an authentic taste of Alaska.

Zipline Canopy Tour Highlights:

  • A 3 hour Eco-adventure tour on the northern-most Alaska zipline.
  • Explore Alaska’s boreal forest.
  • Stunning views of Mt. McKinley (Denali) and the Alaska Range (weather permitting).

Details about this activity

During this three hour tour you will be traversing from one platform to the next via nine separate and exciting zip rides, three suspension bridges, a spiral staircase and a rappel while clipped in at all times from beginning to end – all through and amidst the beautiful northern boreal forest building on anticipation and discovery.

The pace of the tour is varied, mixing speed and excitement as you zip with pauses to gaze out from viewing platforms as well as walks across long aerial bridges that take in Mt. McKinley and the expanse of the Alaska Range. Educational moments are shared by your guides about the boreal forest, the topographical features including ridges, ravines, kettles, and pond and the braided Chulitna and Susitna valleys.  The history of Talkeetna runs deep and includes flying and mountaineering in the Alaska Range, gold mining and the quirky local characters.  Each guide has their own personal story and who knows what Alaskana tidbits you will be treated to!

There will be numerous opportunities to glimpse the mountain vistas from the zipline, viewing platforms and from the suspended sky bridges that allow ample time for picture taking.  The final and longest zip of the tour will span close to 600 feet – with most of the ride suspended over “Reflection Pond” landing on the final platform six feet off the ground affording an easy stair exit and a short drive back to downtown Talkeetna.

3-hour tour: $149 per person. Ages 10-14: $119 per person