Meet the Photographers

Photo Credit: Eric Vercammen

Albert Marquez: Photographer, Tour Leader and Avid Explorer

I am a photographer, avid explorer and traveler based in Anchorage, Alaska specializing in landscapes and nature. The sole intent of my photography is simple. I want to recreate the scene that you could have witnessed with your own eyes had you been standing next to me at the moment I fired the camera's shutter. My interest in photography first blossomed in high school thanks to one of my best friends in high school, whom also got me involved with my school yearbook. In the years since my graduation, I have expanded my lifelong interest in photography, now concentrating primarily in Alaskan landscapes and its amazing and abundant wildlife.

I am the owner/guide of Planet Earth Adventures, an Alaska based tour company. I have over 25 years experience guiding tours and I have a passion for this beautiful state. My enthusiasm for history, culture, the outdoors, and sharing it with others developed as I explored the rich landscapes of Alaska in 1993. I've been traveling throughout Alaska since then. My interest in exploration and learning has taken me to the remote Arctic regions of Alaska and Canada and all of Alaska’s National Parks. I have also traveled to many National Parks throughout the United States and Canada as well as other Polar regions in the World.

Photography for me is a hobby and I still have a hard time calling myself a photographer, and an even harder time trying to classify myself as any type of artist. I am more apt to say I do some photography. I take photos because I like taking pictures, and I usually take pictures of people, places and things that I enjoy.

Recently, I have written magazine articles about photography, tips and northern lights photography in publications such as Alaska Magazine and Last Frontier Magazine. My work has been published locally and in other countries in publications such as calendars, books, newspapers and other magazines including, The Alaska Magazine, The Last Frontier Magazine, Mushing Magazine, The Nome Nugget, USA Today, The Anchorage Press, The Alaska Dispatch, The Vancouver Sun, The Mansfield News Journal, Jornal Do Brazil and books published by Northern Light Media in Alaska. I also worked with major TV networks providing travel logistics and location scouting for their productions. I shoot digital exclusively these days using Nikon Professional photo equipment.




Scott Slone: Photographer, Tour Leader & Filmmaker.

My passion for our wilderness and people comes from my family legacy in Alaska, five generations all together. I’ve dedicated my personal and professional life to explore and discover the natural beauty that Alaska has to offer.

It’s my attraction to our wild places that fuels me as filmmaker and photographer, which through my travels has connected me with the people and rhythm of Alaska in ways few get to experience. Guiding photo tours allows me to take the experiences I get out of the world around me, and pass it on to people whom desire to capture the very wilderness that inspires me.

I’ve had the pleasure and honor to work with a range of productions throughout my professional career. It’s the notables like National Geographic, Oprah Winfrey Network, Terra X, History Channel, and Travel Channel that pursued my expertise and formed me. Now I have the pleasure of working with the likeminded people at Planet Earth Adventures, good friend, owner Albert Marquez.

Look forward to guiding you into Alaska!
-Scott Slone |




Photo Credits: © Banner/Cover photo by Kendall Hamilton; Albert/Profile photo by Eric Vercammen.