“Everyone should have the opportunity of a trip with Albert at least once in their life.”

We found ourselves stranded in Alaska as the result of our Cruise Ship breaking down in Aug 2013. Then we found Albert Marquez at Planet Earth Adventures who after a brief conversation to understand what we liked to experience, put together in a few hours the custom trip of a lifetime for 7 days. Fox Island, Kenaii Fjords, Idittarod Training Camp, Alaska State Fair, Denall Nat Park, Fairbanks, Ice Hotel, North Pole were just some of our highlights. 

As we reflect upon our 2 month holiday and the many experiences we had, time and time again we both agree that the top of the list was the week we spent with Albert. People look at us quite strangely when we say that the trip with him was as a result of a cancelled cruise thinking that a cruise is the ultimate adventure. Yes, our cruise from Vancouver to Hawaii was fabulous but still doesn’t quite compare to the trip Albert arranged for us and his kind and attentive guidance throughout those days. 

If we were to find some words to describe Albert they would perhaps include, friend, gentleman, walking encyclopaedia of Alaska, attentive to our every need. How to have a holiday and enjoy it without a concern for any detail or arrangement. It was beyond anything that we could have ever expected. 

Everyone should have the opportunity of a trip with Albert at least once in their life. Then the world would be a happier place! ”

Bob C. - Harvey Bay, Australia

“Looking forward to my next Alaskan visit and I will definitely rely on PEA!”

Last month i got the pleasure of being on another adventurous roadtrip in Alaska together with some of my very good friends.

As i did the last couple of years i also now made a couple of fabulous trips with Planet Earth Adventure Tours guided by Albert Marquez. This time Albert took me on a Denali Glacier Landing trip. I must say i enjoyed this trip from the very first minute we boarded till the very last moment we got back of the plane. This trip was not planned at all but Albert managed to get me on that plane with just one single phonecall the night before. This guy can just make miracles happen. The flight was amazing and after a smooth landing on one of the Denali glaciers we got time to walk around on the glacier and take pictures which will remind us of this magnificent trip for the rest of our lives. Albert also took us on a ziplining tour in Talkeetna. First everyone got some safety instruction briefing and then, before going for the real thing everyone could try his / her skills on a small zipline to get used to all the necessary procedures. I must say i was amazed how professionaly everything was done under the most secure circumstances.
Once again Planet Earth Adventure Tours did not let me down and i am already looking forward to my next Alaskan visit during which i will definitely rely on Albert Marquez and P.E.A.T.
Thanks once more Albert , and also thanks to your lovely wife Marlene who is another big surplus to the Planet Earth Adventure team !!! I can only advise everyone, if you want to experience the real Alaskan feeling, don’t hesitate and just call Planet Earth Adventure Tours. 

Eric V. - Antwerp-Belgium


At the end of your life, what will you remember most? Invest in life experiences, not things!

— Payge M. - Adventurer, Journalist, Teacher.


“My Guide was Great and 100% Dedicated.”

This is my second time traveling with this company and just like the last time, they did not disappoint me. Amazing and over the top customer satisfaction. My guide was great and 100% dedicated to make sure the best experience is the ultimate end result. This tour was in summer or actually the end of the summer season in Alaskas short summer. Albert was the guide and he really knows this land. He delivered an amazing your.  

Mary Beth P. - Pensacola, Florida.

“Thank You for a Great Trip.”

Traveled to Alaska with this company and had a great and wonderful experience. From booking until my tour was done, everything was executed perfectly. 

I spent 7 days touring Anchorage, Talkeetna, Fairbanks, North Pole and Barrow. Planet Earth Adventures was very helpful in creating my perfect itinerary. They were very courteous, professional, friendly and timely with every aspect of my tour. From the initial call inquiring about their tours to the subsequent emails, they were prompt returning my calls and emails. 

My tour and experience dealing with them exceeded all my expectations. Thank you for a great trip.

Jonathan M. - Homestead, Florida

“The tour was a trip of a lifetime. Action packed all the way!”

Albert with Planet Earth Adventures was amazing. Albert answered all of my questions, big and small, and never seemed to tire of my endless curiosities and concerns. He was very helpful and very friendly. All the details were taken are of so I could enjoy the tour and all scheduled activities. Lodging choices were excellent and the trip was very informative. I was extremely pleased with the advice and planning we received from the company. 

I prefer to travel independently but there were many places that would have been very difficult to get to without driving ourselves, so the small group travel was great. Alaska is a beautiful place to visit. The tour was a trip of a lifetime. Action packed all the way!

Eric S. - Wilmington, Vermont

“A+ Travel Experience in Alaska”

My family of 6 took a 10 day trip with Planet Earth Adventures. Our Alaskan journey took us to some of the most beautiful places in Alaska. The pace of the tour was just right and very personal. Albert was very attentive to the needs of all onboard and catered to our small children as well. Very enjoyable tour experience and one that I can recommend.

— J.M. - Columbus, Ohio.