To join one of our trips, please complete and sign this booking form. If you wish, two participants can use this form. Send the form, together with your deposit of $1,000 US dollars per person to Planet Earth Adventures, LLC. Upon receipt of this form, we will send you a written confirmation, trip itinerary, plus comprehensive notes covering all aspects of your trip.

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On receipt of your booking form, Planet Earth Adventures LLC will start preparing logistical arrangements on the ground at your chosen destination. This includes arranging the necessary permits, scheduling of staff and equipment, and making bookings for you on any air or ground transportation that is involved in the running of your trip. There are some sections of the Terms and Conditions of Contract that are very important and we need to know that you have taken the time to read them and agreed to those terms and conditions. Your signature confirms that you have read and understand the payment and cancellation policies as outlined in the Terms and Conditions of the Contract. Please make checks payable to Planet Earth Adventures, LLC.