"If you yearn for Adventurous things to do on the road less traveled and you would like to experience The Real Alaskan Way of Life . . . then this amazing tour is for you"

About the Historic Homestead Tour

In 1959 the DeVore family traded the comfort of their Michigan home for the harsh conditions of Alaskan homesteading. Dennis DeVore takes you back to yesterday on this fascinating and very unique tour of the "Old Family Homestead", accessible only by trail.

This Alaska Wilderness Tour offers a narrated tour of Historic Talkeetna and a rare opportunity to visit an original and remote Alaskan Homestead, 5 miles north of Talkeetna. During this "Talkeetna Alaskan Adventure", guests will enjoy a scenic ride in a modern style ATV drawn covered wagon or drive an ATV on this adventure. You will view the original cabin and various implements and tools used, to learn how early day pioneers survived living in the wilderness of Alaska.

Next, it is on to a lunch at Dennis' personal cabin on Wiggle Creek, on the back quarter of the homestead. After lunch you may try your luck at gold panning on Wiggle Creek, relax with a game of horseshoes, croquette, or berry picking (depending on the season). The fresh air, the silent serenity of the forest, and the murmur of Wiggle Creek takes you a million miles away. Weather permitting, you will have an excellent opportunity to capture photos of Mt. McKinley and wildlife.

TOUR COST:  $225 per person/from Talkeetna. Includes Deli Lunch. Place your lunch order below. This tour is sold as an add-on option only on our packaged tours.    

General Tour Information & ATV Rules

  • All ATV operators must be at least 16 years old (18 if not accompanied by parent) and must have a valid driver's license. Permits will not work, no exceptions. Minimum passenger age is 6 years old.

  • You must listen closely to the safety lecture given by your guides, and you must follow any instruction given by the guides.

  • To go ATVing, you must demonstrate safe driving skills on the pre-departure safety drive.

  • At any point during your tour, if the guides feel that you are operating your ATV in an unsafe or reckless manner, they have full authority to end your tour without a refund. ATVs can be very dangerous if they are operated unsafely and incorrectly.

  • All riders must follow the tour guide in a single file, staying back a safe distance from the rider in front of them. Horseplay is strictly prohibited.

  • Riders must take the responsibility to become aware of the features of the ATV prior to the ride, including locations of brakes, throttle, and ignitions switch.

  • ATV riders will also be liable for any damage to vehicles caused during their ride.

  • ATV riders will be required to acknowledge their agreement and understanding to the above rules in riding prior to beginning the ride.

  • ATV tours are not recommended for anyone with neck or back issues or for women who are pregnant. Consult a doctor before booking a tour.

  • Dress appropriately for the weather. Wear layers and comfortable clothing. We suggest that you wear long pants, jacket and shoes suitable for outdoor activity. Bring camera!

  • There is always the possibility of getting dusty, dirty, wet, or muddy when ATVing. Wear clothes that can get dirty.

  • ATV Tours depart rain or shine!

TOUR DURATION: Approximately 4 - 5 hours.

Note: You can ride in a covered wagon or drive your own ATV. This tour operates in Talkeetna.